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Makeblock Airblock Drone

Airblock Early Bird expected mid June 2017

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Category: drone, new

What is the Airblock Drone ? 



You can download the Airblock flyer here.

Coming soon !!! You can already Pre-Order the Airblock.


  • Modular: 1 main module & 6 dynamic modules. Plug & play using magnetic connection empowers Airblock creative transformation and infinite fun.
  • Programmable: Control and program your fancy flying through the Makeblock App.
  • Safety: Made from light plastic foam. Ensures safety with unexposed blades and soft but solid material preventing damage to walls or furniture when playing indoors.
  • Multiple Forms: Flying drone & Flashing hovercraft, and more DIY use cases, have fun with 3 forms.
  • No coding experience required: Graphical programming through the App. Program your Airblock to execute a sequence of actions.
  • Supports both iOS & Android: Control remotely via Bluetooth. Also easily control it with joysticks using the App.

Special Airblock support is available at: 

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